About Brittney


Hello and thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Brittney and I am the creative mind behind Brittney Hannon Photography.  I live in beautiful Southern California with my high school sweetheart husband and our two adorable yet rambunctious female Corgis, Harlee & Quinn.

I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan and I love being outdoors.  Hiking, Camping, Fishing, etc. anytime I’m out in nature I’m a happy camper…literally.

One of my favorite memories from growing up was my dad telling bed time stories to my little brother and I.  We would brush our teeth, get into our pajamas and my brother would hop into my bed and we’d eagerly await my dad to enter into my room.  We would ask him on a nightly basis for bed time stories and he always told us the best ones.  My dad is very quick and witty and could make up a story in a split second.  He sometimes would read us stories out of books but my favorites were always the ones he created because they were unique and had a personalized touch.  Sometimes they’d be about dinosaurs, sometimes they’d be about princesses and sometimes they’d be about my brother and I.  Now that I’m older I really cherish that time we had together every night and those stories that he told.  I feel like that is a huge reason why I do photography and why I’m so passionate about it.

You have a story.  We all have our individual stories.  And when you meet someone you want to share your life with, your individuals stories merge and become one story.  And it begins with the story of the two of you and how you met, how you developed your friendship into a relationship, how you proposed and you said yes to that proposal.  It then continues on to your wedding day celebrating your love with your family and friends, the birth of your first child… every moment of your life is part of your story.  Yes, I’m a photographer but more importantly I consider myself a story teller.  I am so in love with telling the stories of my clients because they are all unique and all so very different.  Photos will last forever and carry on our legacy long after we’re gone.  Your great grand daughter will be able to hold your wedding album in her hands one day and flip through the pages and see the love that you two had on your wedding day.  When your children are grown and have families of their own, that canvas you have in your dining room of when they were in elementary school will forever remind you of memories and happy moments you had of them when they were that age.  And now as you sit around the dining room table at Thanksgiving with your children and their children, you can look at that photo on the wall and remember how your story began and how it’s grown over the years into something amazing.

I know my clients invest a lot in me and their memories and I want to make sure that I invest in them because these are their stories.  They are every little bit of you, your fiance, your family, your children.  I want to get to know you and hear all about your wedding plans.  I want to hear about your 3 children and what sports they love to play and your vision for your family session.  I want to hear about the outfits you have for your boudoir session and why this boudoir session is so important to you.  I really do invest a lot of love into my clients and I hope that by reading a little about me, you can see why I do what I do and why I think photography is so important in our lives.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and I look forward to learning more about you and hearing your story.