Hello and thank you for visiting my website!  I’m Brittney and I’m so happy you’re here!  I live in beautiful Southern California with my high school sweetheart husband and our two adorable yet rambunctious female Corgis, Harlee & Quinn.

      I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan and I love being outdoors.  Hiking, Camping, Fishing, etc. anytime I’m out in nature I’m a happy camper…literally.  My favorite time of the day is that golden hour right around sunset when we get the warm gorgeous glow from the sun.

      One of my favorite memories from growing up was my dad telling bed time stories to my little brother and I.  We would brush our teeth, get into our pajamas and eagerly await our nightly story.  Sometimes he’d read them out of books but most of the time he’d tell us ones that he would make up on the spot.  They would be about dinosaurs or princesses finding their prince charming but often times his stories would be about my brother and I going on adventures.  Now that I’m older, I’ve come to a realization.  Those stories were special but what was even more special was the time we got to spend together during that story time.  It was the laughter, the hugs and the quality time that meant the most.  And even though I don’t have pictures that show the stories being told, I will always remember that memory and hold it near and dear to my heart.

      This has become my reason why I’m a photographer and why I feel photography is important.  It’s so much more than just pressing a button and taking a picture.  Every time I take a picture it creates a physical copy of a moment that will one day be a memory near and dear to someone else’s heart. ..(scroll for more)..

      Whether it’s that moment of you walking down the aisle and your groom seeing you for the first time or the sweet kisses he’s planting on your cheek during your first dance, I want to capture those moments so that you will be able to cherish them long after the wedding day is over.  Or maybe it’s during your family session and you break out into a tickle fight with your kids.  I want those genuine smiles and laughs to be on a huge canvas in your entry way and be the first thing you see when you come home after a stressful day at work.

      It’s all about those little moments in life that really make life worth living.  I’m so very honored that my clients trust me with their memories and I love that I get to tell their stories through photography.  I hope that by reading a little about me, you can see why I do what I do and why I love it so much.

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